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Baptist Health South Florida

Emergency Department Services

Nicklaus Children's pediatric emergency physicians provide coverage at the Baptist Hospital and Homestead Hospital emergency departments. The doctors you have previously seen and entrusted with your child's care in those two emergency departments transitioned in 2021 to employment by Nicklaus Children's Pediatric Specialists, the medical group practice of Nicklaus Children's. Baptist Health South Florida and Nicklaus Children's shared focus of putting children and families first is a great combination for the families of Miami-Dade County. We are pleased that the physicians in the Baptist Hospital and Homestead emergency departments will continue to offer services to families who have come to know them there, while also engaging with the extensive array of pediatric subspecialists available on Nicklaus' medical staff to support children and families with continuing specialized care needs.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Baptist Health South Florida are two of the region's leading healthcare providers, combining clinical and service excellence. “We welcome the Baptist-based pediatric emergency physicians to our Nicklaus Children's family,” said Dr. Marcos Mestre, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

"As Baptist Health continues to put the healthcare and needs of our patients first, we look forward to our new partnership with Nicklaus Children's Health System. Through this collaboration, you can expect the same high-quality care that you have come to expect from the familiar physicians in the Baptist Pediatric Emergency Department. Our commitment to our pediatric colleagues in the community remains paramount, and we encourage you to communicate directly with us about your patient's needs. Since 1996, you have trusted us with your patients' pediatric emergency needs, and this new relationship will continue to serve our community,” said Dr. Fernando G. Mendoza, Chief of Pediatrics, Medical Director, Baptist Children's Emergency Center.

Inpatient Care Services

Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Baptist Hospital finalized an agreement in April 2020 whereby children receiving care in a Baptist Hospital emergency department who require inpatient admission are transferred to Nicklaus Children's. The agreement helped both organizations adapt as the COVID-19 pandemic surged, enabling Baptist Health to optimize service to the adult population most affected by the pandemic. This partnership stems from the commitment to serve as advocates for the health and wellbeing of the community.

Baptist Hospital and Miami Cancer Institute continue to provide pediatric oncology services on an inpatient and outpatient basis along with other diagnostic, rehabilitation and physician consultation services. Baptist Hospital, Homestead Hospital, South Miami Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital continue to provide neonatal intensive care (NICU) services; and Baptist Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Fishermen's Community Hospital, Homestead Hospital, Mariners Hospital, South Miami Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital continue to see pediatric patients in their emergency rooms. Any pediatric patients seen in the Baptist Health emergency departments in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties requiring hospital admission are transferred to Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

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Jupiter Medical Center

As the region's pediatric care leader, Nicklaus Children's is privileged to support colleagues at Jupiter Medical Center in the opening of the new De George Pediatric Unit. The hospital shared policies, procedures, training, competencies, and assisted with selection of equipment and supplies. In addition, Nicklaus Children's supported the development of a child-friendly environment, family-centered operational processes and work flows.

The De George Pediatric Unit is a continuation of a dynamic partnership between Jupiter Medical Center and Nicklaus Children's Hospital, was made possible thanks to an extraordinary gift from the Lawrence J. and Florence A. De George Charitable Trust and the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation.

From newborns and toddlers to adolescents up to age 18, the De George Pediatric Unit is a comprehensive, child-centered environment, featuring advanced medical and therapeutic services. Using the clinical guidelines and staff training developed by Nicklaus Children's Hospital this new facility will serve to advance pediatric care opportunities for families in Palm Beach County.

The De George Pediatric Unit features:

  • 12 inpatient pediatric rooms
  • Pediatric surgery suites
  • Pediatric therapy
  • Children's playroom supported by a child life specialist
  • Bear's Den for resting, inspired by Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus

Some children may be referred to Nicklaus Children's main campus as needed for some surgical or critical care services. This will be at the discretion of the care team of the De George Pediatric Unit and the patient's family. The care needs and wishes of the child and family are always at the forefront when transfer decisions are made.

Level II De George Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The 16 bed De George Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, made possible through the generosity of the Lawrence J. and Florence A. De George Charitable Trust, is equipped to care for babies born as early as 32 weeks. The unit adheres to policies, procedures, training and competencies shared through the collaboration with Nicklaus Children's. In addition, the unit is staffed around-the-clock by Nicklaus Children's neonatologists, and Nicklaus provides nursing staff oversight.

view of incubator inside the unit

Features of the unit include:

  • Advanced monitoring and technology
  • A family lounge
  • Treatment rooms
  • Two private nesting rooms to foster bonding
  • An infant feeding preparation space

Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department

Jupiter Medical Center and Nicklaus Children's Hospital are making pediatric care even more accessible to residents of Palm Beach and Martin counties with the Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department. Nicklaus Children's Hospital, the trusted choice for pediatric care in South Florida, continues to share best practices, policies and procedures developed and continuously enhanced over its more than 70 year history.

Experts from both institutions are collaborating to provide world-class pediatric emergency care. The Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department is a standalone 6,300-square-foot pediatric wing, specifically designed to be a family-focused, child-friendly environment with services/amenities including:

  • State-of-the-art Mindray monitoring that communicates with the Electronic Health Record system
  • Dedicated pediatric emergency physicians and nurses available 24/7
  • Pediatric specific beds and triage rooms
  • Child life specialist
  • Pediatric paramedics
  • Pediatric orthopedic room
  • Respiratory therapists trained in pediatrics
  • Infant warmer
  • Other pediatric subspecialists available
outdoor view of emergency dept

Children will also feel more comfortable and safe with our kid-friendly amenities:

  • a
  • Interactive light flooring in the waiting room
  • Mobile video game systems
  • Child-sized furniture
  • Remote control cars and little red wagons for transport, if needed

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