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WeCREATE is our new employee app!

WeCREATE will be replacing our former employee app, iCREATE, with improved features and a more integrated user experience for employees.

WeCREATE features include:

  • The ability to stay connected, informed and linked to what’s happening around the Nicklaus Children’s and with other employees
  • Decide what kind of information you want to receive and when by joining inclusive “communities” that allow you to receive news and updates organized by topics that are important to you
  • Access to important employee information while on the go and outside of the network
  • A one-stop-shop for everything Nicklaus Children’s including access to Town Hall live streams, important news and events, and easily find benefits and perks.

Instructions to download

  1. Scan the QR code or visit the App Store or Google Play Store.
download from App store.
download from App store.
download from google play store.


  1. Search FirstUp and download the app. FirstUp is the platform we are partnering with to bring you the WeCREATE App.

screenshot: FirstUp in app store.


  1. Open FirstUp and enter nicklaus as the organization code.


  1. Use your network username and password to log in. You will be promoted to use Microsoft Authenticator (click here if you’ve never set it up).

screenshot screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WeCREATE?

A: WeCREATE is our new employee app. It is a versatile tool that works on smart phones, tablets and computers. It enhances the Nicklaus Children’s employee experience by giving all employees, including those who work remote, a place to go to find information and receive employee news updates in real time at any time and any place.

Beginning March 17, 2022, this will be our go-to place for all communications including incident command messaging during hurricanes and other emergencies.

Q: What happened to iCREATE and can I still use it?

A: WeCREATE is replacing iCREATE. While the iCREATE app will still be available temporarily, it will no longer be the current app for employees. Functionality of the iCREATE will be decommissioned on March 31, 2022.

Q: Who should use WeCREATE?

A: WeCREATE is for the entire Nicklaus Children’s family.

Q: How can I access WeCREATE?

A: You can access WeCREATE on an Apple or Android mobile devise by using the FirstUp app or on a computer.

Q: How can I download the WeCREATE app?

A: Download the FirstUp app from the Apple store or Google Play

  • Click Have an organization code?
  • Enter Nicklaus as the organization code. 

Q: Can I use WeCREATE during work hours?

A: Yes, WeCREATE is intended for use while at work. WeCREATE will provide all employees with quick access to company news and information while in the office and in the field, any time, any place.

Q: What is FirstUp?

A: FirstUp is the developer and provider of the WeCREATE platform.

Q: Will I get paid for using the WeCREATE app?

A: No, the WeCREATE app is a voluntary tool. No stipend or compensation will be offered for using the app.

Q: Do I have to enable push notifications?

A: No, but it is highly recommended so you are alerted when important messages are shared with you.

Q: Can I contribute content to the WeCREATE app?

A: Yes! Much like the NCHS Pulse and social media, we encourage employees to create, share, like and comment newsworthy posts.

Q: What if I have a problem using the WeCREATE App?

A: For assistance with the WeCREATE app, please speak with the Corporate Communications team.

Q: Will my data be collected while I use the WeCREATE App?

A: The WeCREATE app will NOT have access to data on your phone outside of what’s within the app. Specific employee data (email address, location, department) may be collected to support functionality. The organization will not be able to monitor your activity outside of the app or location.


Download WeCREATE today and stay connected with your Nicklaus Children’s Family!